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If you have been injured on the job and submit a workers' compensation claim, your case will be decided by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You can find lots of helpful information on the NC Industrial Commission. The Industrial Commission operates similar to a court, but claims are heard by a Deputy Commissioner rather than a jury. The North Carolina Industrial Commission is located in Raleigh, but it sends Deputy Commissioners throughout the state to hold hearings.

Sometimes, disputes are handled via mail or phone. However, if your case moves to the hearing stage, you will typically have a hearing at a courthouse or other location near you. After the hearing, the lawyers for each side gather medical testimony and send briefs to the Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner will review the briefs and other evidence and make a decision. This process can take many months to resolve.

Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If your benefits are denied or you have other disputes with your employer or its insurance carrier, or issues regarding reaching MMI, it may be necessary to schedule a hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. A hearing is the term for a trial of a workers’ compensation claim. If you hire us, we will ensure that you are fully prepared for this important part of your case, as you will be required to testify and will be the most important witness. You may have to testify about your injury, your medical care, and the effect of your injury on your ability to work. We may call other witnesses for you, such as your spouse, friends, or neighbors. Recorded depositions of your doctors will likely also be presented at the hearing. Once the hearing is completed, the lawyers for each side gather medical testimony and send briefs to the Deputy Commissioner for a decision. However, not all cases go to a hearing and many cases settle before reaching that point. An experienced attorney can assist you in obtaining the best result.

Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If your case has to go to a hearing before the NC Industrial Commission, you will need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights. The workers’ compensation insurance company will have an experienced attorney working for them. For help, call us at (919) 277.0161 or contact us online for a free, no obligation consultation.



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